Game On! Hi & welcome!

Hi there!

Welcome to spikze.club, a small progressive web app (PWA) that provides a collection of mini-games for playing darts with your guys and gals.

Please note that this is not a 3D darts game, it's really just a glorified scorebore. You can install this web app, as offline support is implemented.

Offline usage & installation

Because this is a PWA (Progressive Web App), you can actually completely use it offline. Don't believe it? Simply switch off your web connection and navigate to any page.

Offline usage can be particular helpful if you want to use the scoreboards in an environement where a connection is not really possible, e.g. when playing darts in your cellar.

On supported browsers, you can also install the PWA and run it like a native app. To do so, please check the right-hand icons in your browser's input bar.