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Hi, my name is Tom and I'm the developer as well as designer of this Progressive Web App which provides scorebords for a collection of dart mini games.

I initally created this app so that my brother and I can track our scores when playing against each other. But if you like it, I'm even more happy that people enjoy the stuff I build.

Tom Schönmann

I'm a cloud native full stack web developer with years of hands-on experience in various international teams distributed around the globe, facing many challenges with often tight deadlines.

I've been developing services and platforms with a user base of 90k+ and growing. My areas of responsibility span planning, writing, testing and maintaining Node.js backends, React frontends as well React Native apps for iOS and Android, preferably in Typescript.

I've been implementing products with real time synchronization, warehouse management software to handle thousands of items and interfaces to hardware devices, just to name a few.

Me, Myself & I

To see other projects I'm working on or was part of, just visit projects on

As being developer means trying to hit an ever moving target due to quickly evolving technologies and a constant stream of changes and improvements, it's important to stay ahead of the curve.

To stay up-to-date on what's going on around the planet and to learn about emerging tools or trends, I'm using as a medium to challenge myself for exactly this task. gives me an opportunity to write about those changes on a regular basis. Furthermore, I use the PWA to learn about self-hosting a large static site (as of writing, is around 1k+ pages big) as well as having fun using Next.js and GCP as well as Azure for ML-based augmentations, such as the text-to-speech service or translation.