Capture the flags

2 Players
Beginner Level

Mission Briefing

'Turf Wars' is a variant of CPF (Capture the flag), where each player tries to win a certain amount of numbers first. The catch is that every captured number can be stolen by the other player.


First determine the starting numbers. For most fun, best use three numbers not too close to each other.

Example: Starting with 20, 16 and 15 is most challenging. Using 3, 7 and 2 will result in a very fast paced-game.

Each player then alternately has 3 throws. The goal is to capture all numbers. A number is captured when threshold of hits is reached, which is most commonly three. The threshold doesn't have to be reached exactly, every hit above the threshold is simply voided.

Whenever a number is captured, all currenlty counted hits for all other players are set to zero. A number stays captured until another player reaches the threshold and steals it. Then the process repeats.


The bull's eye doesn't count in this game and is treated as a void.


The player who first captures all defined numbers wins.

Turf Wars